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Ola Cab Business Model – How to Start Business with Ola?

Ola is a company of Indian origin which deals in various sectors, especially in the cab sector. Ola cabs take drive via means of booking which is facilitated via book through the Ola application. Hence, you can have rides on the fair prices and when your ride will stop, you will get to know the exact amount.

The best part about the Ola cab facility is that it picks you up from your location and drops you to the exact location. You might be wondering that if all the system is been operated online then how does Ola earn a profit. To get to know Ola business model let’s get into it deep.

Which is the Better Option – Getting A Job or Starting Your Own Business?

A job with a salary of fixed digits or to be your own boss is what every individual has to decide at the very next day of his graduation. Well, there’s the whopping great difference between doing job and doing business but what’s good for the one, depends on some specific individual factors that we’ll get to know later in this piece. We’re living on the edge of technology, where youngsters have opened with a profusion of career opportunities and financial assistance but still Debate between business and job is a fresh and hot topic between career starters. Where Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, has set up a new trend for young entrepreneurs, jobs in multinational companies even now hasn’t lost its charm.

The Real Reason Why iPhones are So Expensive!

Apple has the power to change the world, whether it was the one eaten by Eve at the garden of Eden in heaven or it was that Apple fell on Newton’s head or as we’re witnessing the Apple’s products founded by Steve Jobs, that has tremendously amazed us with the superb use of technology. Well, we’ll talk about the first 2 apples some other day, let’s talk about why are Apple products so expensive? In today’s piece.

What are the Things That You Should Take Into Consideration Before Buying A New Laptop!

In the current modern tech scenario where technology surprises us with a new super gadget every day, it’s complex to answer yourself, which laptop should I buy. With every new entry in the market, our existing laptop gets outdated in a blink of eyes, as evident from the history that we’ve walked away from a long distance since the first generation of computers. In such a case, it’s quite significant to know what are the specifications of a good laptop and certain things to consider before buying a laptop. To make it simple and clear, we’re writing to you a quick and short laptop buying guide, spelling out things to know before buying a laptop. There’re lot of things to look for, when buying a laptop that ensures all your requirements in affordable price.